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Street Fighter V will not have a season pass for the next year

Published: 10:28, 21 December 2018
Updated: 18:42, 09 January 2019
Picture of G in Street Fighter V striking a pose like Uncle Sam
Street Fighter V - G

Capcom folks have announced that Street Fighter V will not have a season pass in 2019 which hints at a monetisation model change or focus on a Street Fighter sequel being in the works. They did mention there will be DLC characters though.

Kage, the latest DLC character in Street Fighter V was recently announced and as Capcom announced him on Twitter, they added that he is not a part of any season pass. He can only be purchased with Fight Money or as a single microtransaction, and this is apparently the path Street Fighter V will walk in 2019.

Capcom stated that they don't have any plans for a season pass in 2019 in a , which prompted mixed reactions from the fans. Some fans are happy there is no season pass, while the remainder are bitter about it due to the low rate at which they accumulate Fight Money.

Both sides seem to tie into the same problem with Street Fighter V - the fans who are happy about the lack of a season pass are hoping for increased Fight Money generation, while those who are unhappy about the announcement are nearly certain there will not be a bump in Fight Money earning.

Currently, fans consider the rate at which Fight Money is gained to be laughable (dead tweet), with others suggesting they turn the newly implemented ads on in order to get more of the currency. The way it looks now, players will indeed have to turn the ads on if they don't want to grind their skin off, while trying to get 100.000 of the currency in order to purchase the next DLC character.

Capcom Picture of Kage in Capcom's Street Fighter V Street Fighter V - Kage

Season pass allowed players to bypass this hurdle by spending about 25 per cent less of real life currency, but now it seems like ads will be the only way to go if they want to avoid paying $4,99 / €4,99 / £3,99 for each new character.

What's more, Capcom didn't reveal the full roster of new characters for 2019 yet, despite announcing them ahead of time for each season before. This could prompt one to think there is a new Street Fighter game in the works that the team is diverting focus to.

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