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Street Fighter V: Gill debuts as Seth is announced

Published: 11:14, 16 December 2019
Showcase of Seth and Ryu in Street Fighter V
Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V's December update kicked off with Gill joining the roster but also the news about the 40th fighter. Another returning character, Seth who was a boss in Street Fighter IV, is making a re-entry but with a highly altered appearance.

Hey hey, people, Seth's here. Well, not yet. The former Street Fighter IV boss character is back in Street Fighter V despite being destroyed in the previous game. According to Capcom, Seth nodes survived the apparent demise and it was rebuilt with a new body. 

The new body features a face oddly reminiscent of Kristin Kreuk, who played Chung Li unce upon a time, but features a haunting grin during the victory screen. Let's hope you didn't plan to sleep after a round or two. Anyway, the face is not the only part of Seth's new appearance that became feminine but the voice is still a deep, masculine, one.

Aside from borrowing the actress' facial likeness, Seth will do similar things during gameplay. The trailer that you can see below features the character mimicking both Yuri and Bison's moves. On top of that, you can see Seth and Ryu both performing Hadouken on the image above.

It also fits well with the character's lore as the "master move mimicker" will constantly seek "new data from the fiercest fighters in the world" and will actively steal opponents' moves during fights.

Considering Seth features a unique set of moves on top of stealing the ones from various fighters, this character will likely have an extremely high skill ceiling as utilising a kit that pretty much changes every fight is not something to be taken lightly.

Then again, this is not exactly Mokujin from Tekken, who would get a completely new kit every fight, chosen at random. Seth will only mimic a handful of moves with base kit remaining the same, including the V-Skills. Speaking of which, all the existing characters received their new V-Skills as well.

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