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Street Fighter 5 showcases Blanka's spins in a DLC preview

Published: 21:25, 12 February 2018
Green jungle man looks angry at his costumes. They look silly.
Street Fighter 5 Blanka DLC

First DLC for Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition launch is popping its head up, less than a month since Arcade Edition's launch. Blanka is rolling into the fray with brand new moves on 20 February.

Capcom is known to love its DLC and the memory of 2012's Street Fighter x Tekken on disc debacle still lingers in our heads as if it happened yesterday. Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition is a package that includes both DLC seasons that were initially released for the ''vanilla'' Street Fighter 5 from 2016. So Blanka is essentially the first bit of DLC for your DLC bundle.

Fan favourite green ginger man is set to join the roster next week on Tuesday, provided you buy him for £4,30 or if you have the Season 3 DLC pass you get him at no additional charge. Well you basically paid him in advance. On the bright side, you can empty your in-game wallet instead of the real life one, and purchase him for 100 000 Fight Money.

Capcom Blanka is pulling a spinning move on a random girl he found in the woods. Street Fighter 5 Blanka

Blanka is getting two V-Triggers, like all other Arcade Edition characters, where the second trigger (pictured above) allows him to chain several spins into other moves or... more spins. As weird as it sounds, it does not take the freaky trait award when it comes to this character. 

His lore for Street Fighter 5 takes the #1 spot and here is why:

''In SFV: AE, Blanka is living peacefully with his mother, and has adapted well to being introduced back into society. One day, a suspicious salesman approaches him and offers a way to make Blanka famous by mass producing a doll made in Blanka’s likeness. Will it work? Find out in his character story mode!''

Capcom A plushie doll made in Blanka's likeness. I wonder how it survives electric bursts. Street Fighter 5 Blanka story costume

I did not make this up, this is literally Capcom's description of their upcoming/ returning fighter and the story costume seen in the trailer confirms this claim. Well, if Kardashians can do it, so can Blanka.


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