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Stellaris will now offer Selectable Traditions to players

Published: 00:59, 13 August 2021
Paradox Interactive
What are AI military and economy strategies again?

Following the Crusader Kings 3 added mechanic of mixing and mashing together cultures to make a new one, Stellaris devs implement choosing traditions. Now players will have even more options to customize their galactic empire.

   Traditions have always been an important part of customizing and specializing your Empire during play, and although devs like giving players more customization options, they also need to maintain a balance. Paradox Interactive didn’t simply want to keep adding new traditions without having the UI support it well and didn’t want to give players too many options right away, which can lead to Choice Overload

They felt like it was a good time to review the Traditions system at this time because they wanted to add a few more Tradition Trees and open up the avenue for doing more of that in the future, where it makes sense.

Developers are improving the traditions system so that you are no longer locked to the same set of 7 traditions, with some swaps though, but you can rather pick which Tradition Tree you want to go into one of 7 offered slots.

Paradox Interactive Stellaris - Slots for Selectable Traditions Stellaris - Slots for Selectable Traditions

Some of the Tradition Trees, which were previously swaps of other trees, like Adaptability being a swap of Diplomacy), are now their own trees again. This means that Adaptability, for example, is now available to all non-machine empires. Synchronicity is still mutually exclusive with Harmony, one will appear if you are a gestalt empire, the other if you are a regular one. Versatility, though, is available to all machine empires.

Domination, Harmony, Supremacy, Diplomacy, and Prosperity are getting some buffs to their stats and uses, while there are new ones being added into the mix.

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