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Stellaris will make it possible to reenact the Clone wars

Published: 02:19, 22 August 2021
Paradox Interactive
This place needs more greenery in Plantoids' opinion
I can already hear the music, and hear the sounds of lightsabers

Cue the imperial theme, summon the stormtroopers. Stellaris will now allow you to pace yourself in the shoes of a dictator with a clone army at your beck and call, to reign across the galaxy as you see fit.

Stellaris: Humanoids Species Pack features a selection of new portraits and ship models for players who wish to forge their path among the stars as the irrepressible human race – or at least as a species that resembles humans to some degree.

Humanoids, the most-played phenotype, now gain more variety and will finally get their own unique ship class, inspired by the classics of Western science fiction.

And, before we carry on with the news, one thing must be addressed, which was mentioned in the introduction of the article. While I am well aware that stormtroopers are not the same as actual Clones, stormtroopers are more useful for a dramatic effect, and the picture in your mind's eye is the same anyway. So don't rush over to tell your Star Wars lore friends about the enormous gaffe I have made.

In any case, one part of the mentioned additions is the Clones, which are being added along with the dwarves to the game.

The Clones in question, are actually a Clone Army Origin. As Clone Soldiers, your empire will be perfectly suited for warfare, even though you may not currently have any enemies. Your lives and continued existence will depend on your Ancient Clone Vat buildings, which support your population.

Paradox Interactive You seem a little short for a Stormtrooper You seem a little short for a Stormtrooper

Your empire may have 5 Vats maximum at any given time, as no limit to the vats would make it slightly game-breaking.

Now, you could be a good little clone-soldier and simply wage war as you were designed to, or, you could dive into the secrets of your own history, that choice will be left to you for every playthrough.

Another thing is, you can also combine Clone Army with both Masterful Crafters and Pleasure Seekers, which were mentioned in a previous article.

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