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Stellaris finally balances The Shattered Ring origin

Published: 02:03, 27 August 2021
Paradox Interactive
Shattered Ring progression will resemble the relic world of Remnants origin
Shattered Ring progression will resemble the relic world of Remnants origin

The dev team has done a balance and Quality of Life pass on various features throughout the game and they’d like to highlight some of the harder-hitting changes, as part of the 3.1 Lem patch, of which The Shattered Ring is one.

So before you grab your plasma-pitchforks, which are canon now, apparently, rebalancing the Shattered Ring origin is something the team has been discussing for a while. They’ve gone through various iterations on decreasing the initial power of the origin while keeping the player fantasy that it provides in mind and eventually settled on having the progression of the Shattered Ring resemble that of the Remnants origin.

The Shattered Ring itself supports the following district types:

  • City, Hive & Nexus - housing depending on your empire type.
  • Industrial - where valuable consumer goods and alloys can be manufactured.
  • Trade - where clerks turn a tidy profit and artisans run their workshops.
  • Generator - where hive-minds and machine intelligence power their infrastructure. Note that Generator and Trade districts swap depending on the owner of the Shattered Ring, much like Commercial and Generator Segments on a ringworld.
  • Agricultural - where food is grown for those that eat it.
  • Mining - The Ring itself

Now, one of these points may have caught your eye in particular, but first, it must be mentioned that there is space for 25 of these mentioned districts.

Now, concerning the mining part. As a civilization that has only known life on the ring prior to achieving spaceflight, the only resources available to you were those that made up the Ringworld itself. Luckily ruined ringworlds are massive and can spare some missing broken materials without falling into their local sun.

As such your mining district on the shattered ring replaces the regular miner jobs with scrap miner jobs with a base job output of 2 minerals and 1 alloy per month.

Paradox Interactive Mining districts, aka tunnels filled with valuable minerals and alloys. Mining districts, aka tunnels filled with valuable minerals and alloys.

Of course, as was alluded to above, developers wanted the progression for the shattered ring to resemble that of the relic world from the Remnants' origin. So once you’ve cleared all the debris from the shattered ring and researched the appropriate technology you can repair it into a fully functioning ringworld segment.

Upon completion of this monumental task, the districts on the shattered ring are upgraded into their respective ringworld districts at a 5:1 ratio - so 5 agricultural districts become 1 agricultural segment. Since fixing up the ring means you’ll no longer be clearing out material, the mining districts are removed and the ability to construct research segments is added.

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