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Starfield release date revealed in trailer, won't be cross-gen

Published: 12:39, 14 June 2021

Bethesda revealed more info about Starfield, including the big date and that they are improving the works under the hood so we hopefully won't get another FO76.

Starfield release date is set for November 11, 2022. While some have predicted this before, based on Bethesda's tendencies with release dates, others were surprised that we aren't getting a 2021 release.

Anyway, the game will be truly next-gen according to the announcement and it will be available exclusively on Xbox Series X/S and PC, meaning Xbox One and Xbox One X players won't be able to play it on their hardware.

The decision is both good and somewhat bad. It's obviously bad for Xbox One owners who wanted the game on their platform but considering Starfield going to be released about two years after the launch of XSX/S, it's rather fair.

On the flip side, by going solely for the current-gen of consoles, devs won't need to hold back because of weaker hardware so XSX/S and PC players will be better for it.

Bethesda also noted that this is the first new universe from the studio in 25 years , meaning this is the first new universe they made since the 20th century. Their last new universe was also in the last millennium but let's not get carried away, we got plenty of awesome games in the existing ones in the meantime.

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