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Starcraft gets a cartoony makeover in Starcraft: Cartooned

Published: 13:03, 10 July 2019
Starcraft: Cartooned

Blizzard's already legendary strategy Starcraft has received a whimsical, cartoony makeover, courtesy of Carbot Animations, the team you might know from their Starcraft parody videos, but the game itself remains unchanged of course.

Starcraft fanatics who devoured all related content, or just those that like a good laugh, may know Carbot Animations, from years of making Starcraft-themed clips, some of which are downright hilarious, so it's not like the cooperation with Blizzard is a huge surprise.

That being said, it's still quite a surprise and it's almost refreshing to see Blizzard retain their sense of humour, not to mention the combination of humour and business sense, seeing as how Starcraft: Cartooned is priced at 10 USD/EUR on the shop.

Starcraft: Cartooned is not just a partial gimmick, mind you - it's a bona fide full makeover. "The magic doesn't end with cartoon units—all the structures, maps, and menus of StarCraft: Remastered, including all campaign missions, have been transformed! Whether you're returning to the Koprulu Sector or visiting for the first time, StarCraft: Cartooned is an all-new way to experience the classic sci-fi real-time strategy game", they wrote.

This goes for both the offline and online component, as Blizzard said, "Bring the Cartooned mayhem online! Group up with other players for your favorite custom games, or take on opponents head-to-head in the competitive ladder. You can play with anyone, even if they don't own StarCraft: Cartooned!"

Of course, to be able to install Starcraft: Cartooned, you need to own Starcraft: Remastered, a package that contains the original game and its expansion Brood War. Starcraft: Remastered currently goes for 14.99 USD/EUR, but Blizzard are offering the Cartooned bundle with everything you need for full play for 24.98 EUR/USD.

Blizzard Starcraft: Cartooned
Starcraft: Cartooned

We're still waiting on news from Blizzard in regards to the , which everyone hopes wasn't covered by the company's statement of no major releases in 2019, since it's a remaster and all. We guess it won't hurt to pass the time with some Starcraft, Carbot style. 

You can check out Carbot's YouTube channel , or check out Starcraft: Cartooned on

Starcraft: Cartooned, a cartoony makeover by Carbot Animations

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Starcraft: Cartooned

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