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Starcraft and SC: Brood War remade in Starcraft 2: Mass Recall

Published: 18:26, 26 December 2020

Hold your horses, it's not an official Blizzard remake but it's still pretty impressive, as seasoned veterans remade the two classics in Starcraft 2's engine, calling it Mass Recall in the process.

As caught by PCGamesN, Starcraft: Mass Recall is in Version 8.0 at the moment, and it's freely available via SC2 Mapster. The package contains 78 maps in total - 59 from Brood War, three that were later removed and the six that came in the 1998 demo version. 

This is not just some shoddy repackaging, mind you - the original dialogue has been preserved in full, with authenticity being an absolute priority. Difficulty curves, on the other hand, have had to go through some tweaking so it won't feel exactly like Starcraft when it launched, for instance. 

You can use the Starcraft: Mass Recall demo with any Starcraft 2 edition you'd like, which includes the Starter Edition. And, as you're probably aware, the Starter Edition is free, so you're getting yourself a remake of two awesome campaigns in a modern engine. 

It goes without saying that voice lines are still the original ones, as we're particularly fond of some of them when you overdo clicking on them. If you've never done that with Blizzard's games, then you've a lot of fun to sift through. 

Now, it's been some time since Blizzard decided to end content development for Starcraft 2, with the dev citing focus on the successor as the main reason. 

StarCraft StarCraft StarCraft

Until then, however, your best bet is reliving the past glories, and the campaigns for Starcraft and Starcraft: Brood War are one of the best there are. 

You can find Starcraft: Mass Recall and installation instructions over at SC2Mapster

Starcraft: Cartooned, a cartoony makeover by Carbot Animations

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