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Starcraft 2 celebrates 10 anniversary with custom campaigns, achievements

Published: 10:05, 23 July 2020
StarCraft 2

Okay, real-time strategy fans are likely to feel a bit long in the tooth now, as Starcraft 2 dev team announced they're celebrating 10 anniversary with some special goodies.

"Starting with today’s PTR update through the forthcoming release of Patch 5.0, you’ll be able to get your hands on a ton of player-requested features (along with a few extras) to StarCraft II, including Galaxy Map Editor improvements to make campaign maps easier to create, new campaign achievements, and new prestige talents for every co-op commander", Blizzard wrote. 

Starcraft 2's editor update is the biggest editor update yet, and it's meant to make it much easier to use. It includes Map to Map Loading, a slew of data collection tweaks and even an Easy Mode data editor, which streamlines data collections, and more, all of which you can read about in detail over here .

Starcraft 2 is getting custom campaigns, i.e. a new Arcade map genre that will let players get even more creative with their homemade campaigns. Thanks to the aforementioned map-to-map loading, creating campaigns will be much smoother. 

Moreover, many campaigns that were offline only will be accessible through Starcraft 2 Arcade and previously single-player only experiences will now be joined by custom co-op campaigns. 

As part of the anniversary update, every mission in Starcraft 2 campaigns comes with brand new achievements, and this includes the Nova Covert Ops mission pack. Completing all the new achievements earns you the Stone Announcer. 

Blizzard StarCraft 2 StarCraft 2

Co-op commanders are getting prestige talents as well, as Blizzard wrote, "Players can now replay the level 1-15 progression for each maxed-out commander up to three times, and earn a new Prestige Talent each time it’s completed – opening tons of new gameplay options and strategic decisions."

You can find the announcement here .

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