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Stalker 2 devs GSC Game World are relocating to Czech Republic

Published: 16:58, 22 March 2022
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Stalker 2

A group of Stalker 2 dev team will be relocating to Prague, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, according to reports. 

Czech outlet Vortex reports that a part of the Stalker 2 development team have decided to relocate to the Czech Republic, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. The team is apparently setting up a new office in Prague, the home of well-known studios Warhorse and Bohemia Interactive.

Here is the interesting tidbit from the report, mentioning that GSC Game World are moving to Prague:

"From a trusted source, which we cannot name, Vortex has the move confirmed. Part of the team is really heading to the Czech Republic, where they are already signing up for business. In the end, the GSC management chose Prague."

Xbox Stalker 2 Stalker 2

GSC Game World previously revealed that Stalker 2 development has been "shifted to the sidelines" due to the Russian aggression but "will definitely continue, after the victory". Now, it seems that the team have not stopped working on the game, at least not entirely. 


Since GSC Game World have not officially announced that a part of their studio have relocated, we suggest you take the info with a dose of scepticism, until we get confirmation from the team.

Stalker 2 is planned to release on PC and Xbox Series X|S platforms via Game Pass later this year.

Stalker 2

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Source: Vortex

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