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Space Dwarves will arrive in Stellaris with the Humanoids Species Pack

Published: 01:53, 20 August 2021
Paradox Interactive
Stellaris: Console Edition - Federations expansion pack trailer screenshot
Stellaris stars will be mined for all they are worth

Hello everyone, it is Thursday and that means it is time for your weekly dev diary. Today, we will talk a bit more in-depth about the upcoming additions to the Humanoids species pack.

First, let us take a look at the civics that will be added.

The Masterful Crafters Civic, previously teased in Dev Diary 214, will replace your Artisans with a new job type called Artificers. They will fulfill the same basic production needs as Artisans, Consumer Goods that is, while also producing some extra Trade Value and Engineering Research. As you might expect, since they focus on Consumer Goods, this civic will not be available for gestalt empires.

To facilitate you focusing your empire more on the industrial branch, this civic will also make industrial districts grant building slots. The hope is to allow you a bit more leeway in how you want to play your empire, whether you go hard into artificers to capitalize on their bonus production or use their superior production to cut back on how much you have to build up your consumer goods industry. So, basically, dwarves. 

The developers themselves have confirmed that these are the dwarves you are looking for if you know what I mean. In all but name, though that may change as all information in dev diaries is subject to change anyway, these changes will provide you an opportunity to make a space nation of stocky, short, grumpy men who are interested in mining the galaxy for more materials.

Paradox Interactive Who else but dwarves comes to your mind? Who else but dwarves comes to your mind?

Now let us mention the second new civic, Pleasure Seekers. This new civic grants you access to the Decadent Lifestyle Living Standard, which increases happiness and consumer goods upkeep for all affected pops.

In addition, the Entertainer job will now also grant +1% pop growth and Servants jobs will produce an additional 5 Amenities.

So, in other words, no one is stopping you from making your dwarves as drunk as possible, as they are meant to be.

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