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Sony's Gravity Rush Remastered pricier than its sequel

Published: 10:37, 26 June 2018
Project Siren
Cover image for Sony's game Gravity Rush 2
Gravity Rush 2

The remastermania is real. It turns out that Phony have been flogging Gravity Rush Remastered at a higher price than the game's actual sequel, Gravity Rush 2, which seems just one of many company's fumbles in the past month or so.

To be fair though, Sony discounted Gravity Rush 2 to $19,99, which left the Remaster hanging at $29,99. Someone who must really love the franchise was obviously keenly waiting for a discount, as no hawk-eye would ever notice this.

Having initially launched on Vita back in 2012, Gravity Rush Remastered launched on PlayStation 4 in the beginning of 2016. It didn't take Sony and Project Siren to come up with a sequel though, as Gravity Rush 2 launched in the following year, 2017.

Apparently, Gravity Rush Remastered is priced as the Shadow of the Colossus Remaster, even though even comparing the two is a bit unfair. Other than being different in just about every aspect two games can be different in, except perhaps the third person perspective, Shadow of the Colossus Remaster is a vastly larger game.

In fact, if there ever was remasterware worthy of acknowledgement, it would probably the Shadow of the Colossus one, because it not only drew from the original's inspiration, it actually improved upon it and introduced novel features. Unfortunately, it's more than you can say for just about 99 per cent of remasters out there.

Needless to say, we're not exactly your regular remaster-cultists here at AltChar. More often then not - it's just a sad excuse to rob your most faithful of customers of their dollars, on the account of nostalgia. Not that our love for rehashing of old ideas is something we've kept for ourselves, having droned on about remasters and other sorts of nostalgiaware for .

Project Siren Poster art from Project Siren and SIE Japan's game Gravity Rush 2 Gravity Rush 2

Obviously, this is more of a than an actual blunder by Sony, what with the company setting such a high standard lately. Well, at least they managed to bring together, a partnership that wasn't really on the cards before Sony started kicking their collective behinds.

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