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Sons of The Forest is rumoured for Halloween 2021 release date

Published: 08:59, 07 September 2021
Endnight Games
A poster for the Sons of the Forest
Sons Of The Forest (The Forest 2)

Rumour has it that The Forest sequel Sons of the Forest will be launching on Halloween - October 31, 2021. A new trailer will apparently go live early next month.

We haven't heard much about Sons of The Forest since the official reveal eight months ago, which also gave us a 2021 release window. Since the trailer dropped, the developer Endnight Games have been pretty quiet, focusing on the actual development, rather than marketing it seems. 

And while we wait to hear more official details very soon, some rumours have appeared on the controversial message board 4chan , stating that the release date for Sons of The Forest is Halloween 2021 (October 31).

The anonymous poster states that a brand new trailer will be coming early next month in preparation for the release. "The gameplay will feature a multiplayer and single-player, with custom server space allowed for purchase by players who wish to modify the experience for their players, much like Ark or Rust. We combined aspects of those games with our current title, The Forest, to provide a unique gaming experience," it's written in the post.

Additionally, the leaker reveals that the studio have been hit hard by COVID but they are working hard on getting the game onto Xbox Series X/S, Playstation and Steam for release. 

As always with these leaks and unconfirmed info, we suggest you take everything with a dose of scepticism until the developers give us the official release date.

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