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Son of a Witch is leaving Steam Early Access in the next weeks

Published: 08:40, 24 April 2018
Updated: 14:22, 24 April 2018
Orcs are invading a castle that's being defended by three players.
Son of a Witch

Son of a Witch is a cartoony roguelike video game by indie developer Bigosaur. It has been in Steam Early Access since 10 November 2016 and is set to leave it on 16 May 2018, which prompted Bigosaur to also release a launch trailer.

Son of a Witch is is described as an "adorable action roguelike", but it also has a tendency to spill buckets of blood when you hit an enemy or vice versa. It will also let you kill the Santa, come 16 May 2018. so I guess everyone will be getting coal in their Christmas stockings this year.

The game is developed by Bigosaur, an indie game developer behind Seeders, Gods of Sparta and Drone Invaders. Son of a Witch was in development for three years now and it will be playable in solo and co-op modes, with up to four players in the latter.

According to Bigosaur, Son of a Witch will rely on the replay value that is the staple of roguelike genre, with over 120 unique weapons and items. Parts of the loot table are reserved for different playthroughs in order to keep the replay appeal high. The game also features deep mechanics that apparently reward players for experimentation and learning.

This includes seven playable characters with different skills sets, over 20 bosses and 30 pet animals. According to the developer, you will need to do at least 22 runs in order to complete the game and all of the achievements. Estimated time to complete these 22 runs is about 32 hours, but this is a projection under perfect circumstances. In reality, many runs will go sideways due to the increasing difficulty of Son of a Witch, prolonging the gameplay time in process.

Development and improvement of the game will not stop after it leaves Early Access, as Bigosaur have announced the support for the game will continue. They are planning to release more items, weapons, pets, mounts, quests, heroes and bosses in future updates.

Bigosaur Three players are attacking a boss in Son of a Witch. Son of a Witch

Son of a Witch will set you back £9,99, €11,99 or $11,99 depending on your location. More info can be found on the game's .


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