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Slime Rancher update adds new digital world and glitch slimes

Published: 17:38, 19 June 2019
Monomi Park
Slime Rancher

Monomi Park have rolled out Viktor's Experimental Update for their delightfully slimy sim Slime Rancher, adding a new digital world called the Slimeulation, new equally digital glitch slimes, and a ton of new slime science gadgets.

Viktor's Experimental Update has players helping Viktor Humphries test his simulated reality of the Far, Far Range, or more like a work-in-progress version thereof.

Slime Rancher's work-in-progress world is obviously full of bugs, which Monomi Park call glitch slimes, and they are just as delightful as the rest of the game's denizens.

"Viktor will invite you to his Workshop after you’ve unlocked the Ruins, purchase the Lab Ranch Expansion, unlocked Treasure Cracker MKII, and then successfully complete a Range Exchange request with him", the dev wrote.

The Slimeulation is in Viktor's Workshop and once you've started it, you'll be using his debug spray to reveal hidden slimes and then vac them up before they're gone.

Slime Rancher's new world has a timer, and once the corruption starts to spread, you'll have to escape the Slimeulation via a portal that Viktor opens for you. 

"Glitch slimes will turn into bug reports after you leave the Slimeulation. Turn in your collection of bug reports for unique rewards and mysterious manifold cubes you can use to craft new gadgets", Monomi Park said.

Viktor's Experimental Update adds a bunch of new gadgets, such as Advanced Drones that handle two programs at once, Portable Water Taps for when there are no ponds around, Chicken Cloners that do just what it says in the name and Slime Baits for attracting specific slimes into your net.

There's also the Portable Scareslime, which is Slime Ranger's version of a scarecrow, and Dash Pads, which instantly refill your energy levels.

Monomi Park Slime Rancher's character Viktor Humphries Slime Rancher, Viktor Humphries

Last but not least is the Decorizer, a storage device that lets you store, clean up and manage decorative ranch items. It is unlocked in the 7Zee Rewards Club as a mid-tier reward, but "it will already be available for ranchers who have unlocked or surpassed Silver Storm I)."

You can find the full patch notes .

Slime Rancher, life sim by Monomi Park and Skybound Games

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