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Stardew Valley coming to PlayStation Vita as cross-buy title

Published: 17:49, 15 May 2018
A scene from the game Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley

Hens, farmers, fishermen, lend me your ears. Stardew Valley has officially been confirmed for PlayStation Vita and will be arriving as a cross-buy title on 22 May 2018, which means you only need to buy it once to play it on PS4 and Vita.

The news came straight from the horse's mouth, which in this case is Eric 'ConcernedApe' Barone. On a side note, if you ever happen to write a news piece leading with "ConcernedApe thinks" and pull it off with a straight face, you're either a psychopath or a liar, or even worse - a mime.

Naturally, the 'cross-buy' means that if you already own a PS4 version of the popular farming simulator and happen to have a PS Vita lying around, you'll be getting a free game. And what a game it is.

Surprisingly for this day and age, Stardew Valley launched without multiplayer at the time, although it arguably barely needed any. Nevertheless, multiplayer is always a welcome option and ConcernedApe obliged . Note however that it's still in open beta, so expect bugs.

Stardew Valley officially turned two years old in in February 2018 and the delightful farming sim didn't take long to win hearts and minds of fans and critics alike. It was a painstakingly crafted and ultimately quite superior alternative to Farmville, not least for dumping the latter's sleazy web of microtransactions.

ConcernedApe's little powerhouse is no slouch in the mathematics department, racking up combined 3.5 million sold copies by end of 2017. In fact, Stardew Valley's sales on the Switch are said to be closing in on , although if the game's initial popularity is anything to go by - it's probably passed the mark already.

Amccus Screenshot from the retro game Harvest Moon off of NES console Harvest Moon

Interesting fact, seeing as how I've already mentioned Farmville, is that the actual inspiration for Stardew Valley wasn't Farmville at all. In fact, it was Harvest Moon, a game that launched for Nintendo's SNES. In fact, it seems like Farmville's and Stardew Valley's success brought about reawakening of Harvest Moon, although seemingly with mixed results, at best.

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