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Slime Rancher is coming to PS4 with both digital and physical releases

Published: 10:11, 05 April 2018
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Slime Rancher for PS4

Slime Rancher is a game with a simple concept. The title basically tells you everything you should expect from the game. You build a ranch and then you take in different types of slimes. Pretty soon PS4 users are gonna be joining the fun.

Slime Rancher was released in January 2016 as an Early Access title and officially released on 01 August 2017 for PC and Xbox One. After nine months the developers announced the game will finally be releasing on PlayStation 4 in September 2018.

It’s made by Monomi Park and it will be coming this September to PlayStation 4 players in digital as well as physical copies for Xbox One and PS4.

The core concept of the game is simple. The players must build a ranch and collect tons of adorable slimes and raise them as essentially farm animals on an alien planet.

Monomi Slime Rancher Slime Rancher

The player controls a pre-made protagonist called Beatrix LeBeau, who is a rancher from Earth that decided to move to the Far Far Range alien planet to become a slime rancher in hopes of better prospects.

Players use a VacPack nozzle in order to suck up slimes and bring them back to their ranch, as well as using the VacPack to pick up food for the slimes as well as items the player might use.

Monomi Slime Rancher Slime Rancher

The game reminds of games such as Subnautica in combination with The Sims/Zoo Tycoon. Such an amalgamation is sure to bring plenty hours of fun.

The main objective of the game is to make the Slimes produce plorts, which can be used to obtain currency called Newbucks to upgrade the player’s ranch in order to host more Slimes.

Monomi Slime Rancher Slime Rancher

Combining Slimes’ traits is possible by feeding the plorts to other slimes, but players must watch out not to feed the creatures too many plorts. That would turn them into black malignant slimes called Tarrs which consume every little benevolent and cheerful Slime in their surrounding.

Slime Rancher gained positive reviews when it first game out, so the updated version is sure to garner more attention this time around.

Slime Rancher

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Slime Rancher
Slime Rancher

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