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System Shock remake back on track after troubling hiatus

Published: 18:33, 26 March 2018
Updated: 18:36, 26 March 2018
Night Dive Studios
Shodan from System Shock in a newer format, with HD graphics
System Shock Remake

Kickstarter patrons you may now wipe your tears, for Night Dive Studios are back at it and working harder than before to bring the cult-classic back to life in modern current-gen standards. Hopefully, this time they won't get discouraged.

System Shock is a game known for inspiring so many modern titles, but not many players could stand playing it again with the technological advancements we have made since 1994. Night Dive Studios sought to use the Kickstarter platform to re-energize the passion of players to bring the video game to modern consoles and PC with updated assets.

Night Dive Studios that they were back on project development after a hiatus with a 2020 scheduled release, and this time it seems to be for real. Here's some backstory in case you were wondering.

Night Dive Studios The original System Shock, an enemy attacks the player in a wacky corridor System Shock

It's Kickstarter was started on 25 June 2016, with a goal of US$900,000. The goal was met on 9 July 2016, and finally closed on 28 July 2016, with more than US$1.35M being funded by 21,600 backers.

Night Dive Studios A ghoulish creature attacks the player in a room filled with technology System Shock Remake

They originally planned it only for an Xbox, PC, macOS and Linux release. However there was such high demand for a Playstation 4 version, that they spoke with Sony and opted to do that port as well. 

Originally, the plan for a release date was December 2017, but due to issues with development engines, they pushed the release date to the second quarter of 2018, with a promised simultaneous release for all platforms.

Night Dive Studios A room in System Shock showing the padded tiles, the odd and futuristic design of the game System Shock Remake

In the course of the 2017 Games Developers Conference, or the GDC, they announced they will be switching from the Unity engine to the Unreal engine because of technical issues with Unity, such as taking too much time to create anything new for consoles. 

Night Dive Studios Shodan from System Shock in a newer format, with HD graphics System Shock Remake

After a slow year for Night Dive Studios, the company brought in Chris Avellone to patch up the plot holes in the writing and mix up some of the dialogue to better suit the current vision, while still staying truthful to the classic.

Sadly, in February 2018, the studio announced they were putting the game on hiatus for the time being to recollect themselves. Many backers were already outraged by 2017's release date being pushed back, and now the hiatus happening did not help them for sure.

Both players and backers are thrilled and annoyed by the company's behaviour and are eager to see what happens to the game. We wish Night Dive Studios the best of luck on their endeavour!

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