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Sigrid gets reveal video before Rogue Company debut

Published: 19:54, 17 December 2020
Hi-Rez Studios
Rogue Company - Sigrid
Rogue Company - Sigrid

Rogue Company is getting another character soon and the developers, Hi-Rez Studios, have released a video breakdown of her abilities and loadout.

Sigrid is a tough combatant that wields a shield which may initially strike you as a defensive trait but after digging into her loadout and abilities, you will see she is more than capable of being an effective attacker as well.

Namely, the loadout consisting of D40-C and S12 shotgun make her a force to be reckoned with in close quarters but also spell out that her main weakness are long-range engagements. Coupled with the Semtex grenades and her abilities, Sigrid becomes extremely proficient in clearing rooms and flushing enemies out of cover.

If that doesn't sound terrifying, Sigrid can also use Adrenaline Shot to heal herself and boost the movement speed. Furthermore, Sigrid can use her Ballistic Shield to block frontal damage which makes her the best option for risky plays consisting of rushing through areas with no cover. Ziplines have never been safer.

Those killer abs and biceps are not just for Show as this Rogue's passive, Athletic, makes her go through barbed wire and any other slowing effects with no penalty to movement speed. On top of that, the passive will increase Sigrid's crouched movement speed which should make her great at surprise flanks as well.

Sigrid's bulky appearance may send you the wrong message and from the initial impressions from the trailer, it looks like Lancer may have some competition in the stealthy flank department.

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