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Rogue Company gets Cannon in latest update

Published: 21:14, 06 October 2021
Hi-Rez Studios
Rogue Company - Cannon
Rogue Company - Cannon

Rogue Company is now one roster member richer and the big guy is bringing firepower to match his size.

Cannon is described as a fan of the old school action movies and wrestling, with his appearance obviously showcasing both of those affections. The hairstyle and the big gun leave little to be discussed in the way of '80s action movie inspiration while the outfit speaks for itself when it comes to wrestling.

The newest member of Rogue Company is proficient in using assault rifles and shotguns while his melee weapon of choice is a sledgehammer. These weapons are further supported by the character's ability, the Gatling Gun that can be mounted for increased accuracy. 

It will probably be needed in order to fully utilise the weapon as it will require continuous fire in order to reach the maximum fire rate. That said, when the gun is mounted it also gets an increased fire rate for all your lead-spitting needs.

Cannon's available gadgets are kind of predictable as he appears to be really enthusiastic about blowing things up with C4 and shoots himself up with adrenaline. 

He comes with Shredder Rounds, Toughen Up, Helping Hand, Tenacity, Life Drain and Headstrong perks which are built for keeping the character in the battle for prolonged periods of time, playing into the Gatling Gun ability's amazing defence potential.

As per usual, the new Rogue will need to be unlocked so let's hope you saved up on those points beforehand.

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