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Rogue Company - ‘Sinister Shadows’ update brings new map, Battle Pass and more

Published: 17:26, 09 November 2021
First Watch Games
Rogue Company - Sister Shadows update brings a new Battle Pass, Ranked Season
Rogue Company - Sister Shadows update brings a new Battle Pass, Ranked Season

First Watch Games just wheeled out Rogue Company's "Sinister Shadows" update that ushered in a new Battle Pass as well as a fresh Competitive Season.

Rogue Company just got its "Sinister Shadows" update which launched the game's fourth Season and delivered a fresh batch of new content. The update went live simultaneously on all platforms. 

New map: Wanted

The new map comes with its own limited-time mode that lets the players jump into some Rogue Company action. The mode is exclusive for the new map and is available right now.

Battle Pass: Season 4

Rogue Company's Season 4 Battle Pass is now live, complete with the tools player would want to achieve that get through those 50 levels of rewards. Some of the rank rewards will be doled out for free. 

Season 4 Battle Pass introduces four new Rogue Outfits that portray the sinister murderers in their own style on top of oodles of flair. Nemesis Dahlia is unlocked instantly upon unlocking the Battle Pass, while Plague Witch Kestrel is the ultimate reward at level 50.

A new Mythic Weapon rack is also available: the "Tesla Strike" will provide a personal light show when you fire the weapon adorned with the new cosmetic.

Ranked Season 4

The Sinister Shadows update also kicked off the fourth Ranked Season in Rogue Company. Everyone's ranking will be reset, but this offers the chance for the newcomers to rob elbows with some of the game's veterans. Everyone who played in the last competitive season can expect some Season 3 rewards coming their way.

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