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Lancer and Chaac get a free weekend in Rogue Company

Published: 06:18, 15 October 2021
Hi-Rez Studios
Rogue Company - Lancer
Rogue Company - Lancer

Rogue Company is offering players a chance to test out some of its flankers in a free to play weekend before deciding whether they want to buy them.

Rogue Company may be a free to play game but it comes at a different cost. You can either unlock the Rogues through grinding the in-game currency or pay for them with real-life money, making it a bit overbearing for newcomers.

However, there is currently a free weekend for two rather interesting Rogues, allowing you to test them out before deciding whether you want to spend your currency on unlocking them or someone else. Both Chaac and Lancer are flankers as their abilities don't feature anything to support the team. Instead, they thrive as lone wolves deep in the enemy territory.

Chaac can use his ability to overheal and grant himself additional health, granting himself additional time to spray the enemies down in close quarters. Alternatively, Chaac can use the ability to self-revive instead. Besides the SMG, he can also equip shotguns, making him proficient only at close range.

While Chaac is loud and head-through-the wall type of flanker, Lancer prefers a quiet approach before jumping in for the kill. She is also proficient in SMGs and shotguns but her ability allows the Rogue to run faster and undetected by locator pings, such as Dallas' active. Furthermore, Lancer automatically reloads when she dodges, making her a fantastic option for continuous fire from the flank, as long as she has Life Drain and keeps knocking enemies down.

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