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Doctor DisRespect and Shroud PUBG skins have been leaked

Published: 14:11, 30 May 2018
Updated: 19:19, 05 August 2018
Leaked image of M416 Dr DisRespect skin in PUBG
PUBG - Dr DisRespect M416

Skin Tracker team has leaked files for a pile of upcoming PUBG skins, outfits and other assets, including the Dr DisRespect and Shroud weapon skins. These skins feature the popular streamers' colour schemes as well as their logos.

People have been wondering and theory-crafting for a while on whether the biggest battle royale games PUBG and Fortnite will eventually add personalised skins tailored in the likeness of their most popular streamers. It seemed like Fortnite would be the first to board the streamer skin train but PUBG beat them to it.

These skins were also helped by Dr DisRespect's PR stunt on his stream where he " " to stop playing PUBG if they don't release a skin referencing him. Some fans already saw through the marketing campaign, . Doc stayed in character though and confirmed the skins will be released in a .

Streamer-themed skins may be a thank you note for Doc and Shroud for not switching to Fortnite when everyone else jumped on the bandwagon, or they may be a marketing campaign in an attempt to increase PUBG's popularity. This wouldn't be the first endeavour by PUBG to overtake Fortnite, as Bluehole have recently . Thankfully, the new skins will at least bring some new content to PUBG.

Skins themed after Shroud will be named "Ghosted" and the ones themed after the back to back two-time will be named "Speed and Momentum". These will span over several guns including M416, AKM and Kar98k. There is no confirmation if the skins will be featured on more guns, but it would be a shame not to have a Ghosted Vector skin.

Bluehole A picture of AKM from PUBG with the Ghosted skin equipped PUBG - Shroud AKM

Considering the skins were data-mined, there is no official confirmation on the way the skins will be acquired so far, but there is an indication these will be a part of a push towards more popularity, as one of the leaked clothing images shows pants named "Twitch Pants". More information will  be available when these items get added to the test server, which will likely happen on 1 June 2018.

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