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PUBG adds bots as means of helping new players

Published: 06:57, 27 April 2020
PUBG Corp.
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Much like some of its battle royale colleagues, PUBG is getting bots too, and the company announced the decision insisting bots will help newcomers to the game.

"As happens with many games, we’ve seen the general skill level of our players grow significantly over the last 3 years. While PUBG veterans continue to hone their skills and improve, we’re seeing more often that many newer players are being eliminated early with no kills – and oftentimes with no damage dealt", they wrote.

Such scenarios often result in players having a bad time and consequently, not many of them come back for more. With player retention being the name of the game, PUBG Corp decided to introduce bots as of the game's update 7.1. 

Naturally, there's still work to be done, starting with navigation meshes, i.e. the network of navigation boundaries that PUBG bots are allowed to move in on the map. 

Just like with regular PUBG players, there's also shooting and looting to consider, and the dev says their bots will consider bullet physics when shooting. 

"What this means is that players will be able to dodge the bots' bullets if they use the same evasive maneuvers as they would in any other firefight. But of course, a computer would still be better at calculating bullet trajectory, so systems were put in to make sure that the bots' accuracy differs based on range", they said. 

PUBG Corp PUBG weapon rebalancing in 6.3 PUBG weapon rebalancing in 6.3

PUBG's bots are expected to boost the number of kills overall, and the dev is looking to make their looting as realistic as possible. They have already used an average player's general looting stats, implementing them in a way to provide bots with decent loadouts and hopefully a fighting chance.

PUBG Corp stressed that the higher your MMR is, the less likely you are to encounter bots, so if you don't see them - we know, it's all skill. 

You can find the announcement here .

PUBG / Playerunknown's Battlegrounds by PUBG Corp and Bluehole

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