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PUBG's 6.3 Test Server update drops much-teased Panzerfaust onto Karakin

Published: 21:16, 11 March 2020
PUBG's new rocket launcher Panzerfaust
PUBG, Panzerfaust, Test Server 6.3 Update

Although still fresh from the latest update, PUBG's dev team is still hard at work and the 6.3 update has landed on the Test Server. It adds the Panzerfaust to Karakin, but there's some weapon rebalancing and quality of life improvements too.

The Panzerfaust has been teased back in 6.1 and we're talking about a heavy-duty rocket launcher. It's a high-skill high reward weapon that's available to PUBG players on Karakin. 

"We've been sneaking the Panzerfaust into our Season 6 videos since the start, but we’re finally putting the boom tube into your hands! While a powerful AoE damage tool on the Battlegrounds, there are some drawbacks to picking the Panzerfaust up. First of all, it takes up a primary weapon slot, limiting your options on the diverse terrain of Karakin", PUBG Corp wrote. 

Although it's got a decent projectile speed, it can be dodged and there's another thing to consider - your back. Much like it shoots boom sticks forward, the Panzerfaust's rear ends up scorched, so mind your teammates.  


  • Karakin exclusive    
  • Uncommon world spawn found across the map    
  • Guaranteed to be in every airdrop    
  • The Panzerfaust warhead explodes upon impact, but can also be blown up mid air        
    • The damage radius is 6m from the point of impact        
    • The explosion can deal splash damage through thin walls and objects, up to a short distance        
    • Can be used to breach specific walls on Karakin, much like the Sticky Bomb        
    • The warhead will explode mid air, before impact if damaged by explosions or shot by a bullet    
  • One time use        
    • Once the warhead is fired, the Panzerfaust tube will be discarded and cannot be picked back up    
  • Firing the warhead produces a backblast, so be careful!        
    • The backblast damages those within a 3m zone behind the weapon. Be careful you don’t have any teammates, or a wall too close behind you. You’ve been warned    
  • Zeroing options at 60, 100 (default) and 150 meters

PUBG Corp. PUBG screenshot showing two characters in combat PUBG

PUBG Corp are planning a rebalancing pass later this season, giving some love to the Tommy Gun's attachment slots and firing RoF and accuracy. They also plan to move the M249 from Care Packages to normal loot on Miramar and Erangel, a swell as buff the UMP-45 while they're at it. 

You can check out the full 6.3 patch notes here .

PUBG / Playerunknown's Battlegrounds by PUBG Corp and Bluehole

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