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End of PUBG Ranked Season 12 to bring temporary rewards, changes to Season 13

Published: 10:02, 19 July 2021
PUBG - Season 13 ranked mode is ending soon
PUBG - Season 13 ranked mode is ending soon

PUBG's Ranked Season 12 is coming to an end soon. The end of the season will bring some permanent and some temporary rewards to the players who managed to achieve rank Gold V or higher.

PUBG - Honour-based rewards

As per the changes made at the end of PUBG's Ranked Season 11, the honour-based rewards (nameplates and emblems) will be available for display for the duration of the new season only.

The regular Ranked in-game cosmetics will be available during all incoming seasons.

Players will be given their Season 12 rewards at the start of Season 13, but the honour-based rewards from Season 12 will only hang around until the start of the next season.

PUBG - Season 12 Ranked mode rewards

As always, the ranked rewards will be doled out based on the player's rank at the end of each season. Those who have reached the Gold V tier will get the Season 12 Ranked Parachute skin.

Platinum-ranked (or higher) players will also receive an Animated Emblem. 

There's also an Animated Nameplate in it for you if you've ranked in the Master tier or higher.

The Top 500 players from each region will receive a unique Top 500 Animated Emblem and Animated Nameplate. Top 500 players will be displayed in-game on the LEADERBOARD.

Everyone can check their Season 12 Ranked stats by selecting the "Stats" screen in the "Career" tab. The information will be available after the season wraps up.

All rewards will be automatically delivered via a pop-up screen at the beginning of the new season. 

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PUBG ranked schedule - Season 13

Season 12 Ranked Mode will end once servers go into maintenance on August 4 (PC) / August 12 (Console).

Season 13 Ranked Mode will begin when servers go live with the live server update next month.

PUBG - changes in ranked Season 13

Starting with Season 13, all players who reach 3,000 RP will experience RP and tier demotion if they fail to play a Ranked game for seven days or more.

PUBG - Ranked Season 13

  • RP demotion goes below 3,000 RP.
  • Players with Diamond tier or higher will be deducted 100 RP per day if they do not play Ranked at least once a week.
  • 100 RP deduction per day continues until the player plays Ranked. It stops when it goes below 3,000 RP. This means the deduction stops when you reach Platinum I.
  • The Diamond tier cannot be maintained if not participated in Ranked for seven days or more.
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