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PUBG Mobile Beta rolls out Karakin map, Panzerfaust and Motor Glider soon

Published: 08:48, 04 February 2021
PUBG's new rocket launcher Panzerfaust
PUBG, Panzerfaust, Test Server 6.3 Update

PUBG Mobile has recently received a hefty new update but the dev has already moved to the next update, and the latest beta has already launched with a new map, gun and vehicle. .

The developer has thrown everything but the kitchen sink in the 1.2 update, and we're fairly confident many players are still digesting the new Rune-based play and the update's new weapon, Famas. 

Nevertheless, Lightspeed & Quantum are preparing the net batch of content, some of which you can already try out in PUBG Mobile 1.3. beta. 

Karakin is the smallest map in the PUBG universe, but where it may lack in size, it makes up in action. PUBG Mobile players should find Karakin matches quicker and more action-packed than on its more expansive counterparts. It is only 2km square, which is why Karakin matches support only 64 players.  

In order to accelerate the action even more, PUBG Mobile's new map sports the Black Zone mechanic, where buildings will crumble to pieces on short notice. Players who are prone to camping will probably have to get used to it, but in short - mind the alarms. 

Karakin also allows for shooting through thin and damaged walls, which adds yet another thing to think about in already hectic matches. 

If, however, you're not much for subtlety and shooting through walls, you should know that PUBG Mobile will be getting missile launcher, Panzerfaust. It packs serious splash and direct damage, and Karakin's walls won't help the poor sod that's running from one. 

PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3 also features the Mosin Nagant sniper and the new vehicle, Motor Glider. 

The developer provided links on the above tweet if you're interested, but you'll have to download around 600MB worth of data.

PUBG Mobile, a mobile take on PUBG by PUBG Corp and Tencent

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