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Shiny Poliwag comes to Pokemon Go with Yokohama Fest 2019

Published: 10:58, 05 August 2019
Promotional image for Pokemon Go Yokohama Fest
Pokemon Go Yokohama Fest

Europe and North America have had their turns with Pokemon Go fests and now it's time for Japan's celebration. It will be held in Yokohama across three different parks and the starting date will mark Shiny Poliwag's debut in the game.

Pokemon Go Yokohama Fest 2019 will kick off on 6 August 2019 and it will feature unique challenges as well as special research just like the previous fests. It will not differ that much from the fests held in Dortmund, Germany and Chicago, Illinois, USA.

As per usual, the results that the community achieves in Yokohama will affect the game globally but there will be one tiny, swirly detail that will affect everyone even before the challenges conclude. Shiny Poliwag will start appearing on the same day that the Yokohama Fest kicks off.

Evolutions of the Shiny Poliwag will be altered just like the base Pokemon, but the colour scheme may be a bit odd to those not well acquainted with the Pokemon universe outside of the game.

Shiny Poliwag will barely differ in looks from the regular versions since it will only be slightly lighter blue. The same applies for Poliwhirl but trainers should already know that their Pokemon is Shiny by the time Poliwag evolves.

Poliwrath and Politoed will also have confusing palette swaps. The regular version of Poliwrath is blue, while the Shiny is green and the opposite is correct for Politoed - green is ordinary, blue is shiny.

In case you are still somewhat confused, we highly suggest checking out the on Pokemon Go Hub which should clarify any possible confusion that may arise.

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As for the Pokemon Go Fest in Yokohama, it will conclude on 12 August 2019. There will be three venues in total - Yamashita, Akarenga and Rinko parks. Attendance is free but it will require an accepted application. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to apply since the whole process was completed in June 2019.

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