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Shields have arrived to The Division along with free caches

Published: 15:51, 14 June 2018
Screenshot of the new Shields feature in The Division
The Division

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have launched 1.8.2 update for The Division right as E3 2018 concluded, bringing the long anticipated Shields and free caches for catching up with gear as well as optimizing it to the gear score cap.

As you may well know, Shields are the feature in The Division that will let you earn rewards for The Division 2. They are basically tasks you need to complete and don't seem to be too much of a chore so far. What you may not know is that completing a Shield task also awards you with a Shield Cache that contains one exotic weapon, two Classified Set pieces, 2000 Phoenix Credits, 500 Division Tech, three Cypher Keys and, well, a shield. The "shield" refers to shoulder patches in this instance.

There are currently four Shields to be unlocked with one of them being pretty much free loot. The first Shield, Shepherd, requires you to secure the Base of Operations and it is retroactive, meaning if you didn't quit the game at the very beginning you have already unlocked it. 

The next easiest Shield to earn is DeadEye, displayed on the picture above. It requires you to complete all weekly HVTs in a single week. It has sort of a timer, but it's seven days long and it took me about an hour to complete it so it's not a big deal.

Hazard may prove to be a bit tricky since it requires you to clear 25 landmarks in Dark Zone. Considering that everyone and their grandmothers will rush into the Dark Zone to get that sweet loot, you will run a high risk of meeting Rogues that will enjoy ruining your day.

Avenger is the last Shield, and while it's up to you to choose which Shield to pursue first, you may want to leave this one for last. This is because it requires you to kill 10 named enemies in Dark Zone, West Side Piers and the regular open world. Spoiler alert, you will kill enough named enemies in the Dark Zone and open world by chasing the other shields, so only West Side Piers will require a dedicated hunt.

Ubisoft Screenshot from The Division of a player shooting the Looter faction The Division - Where is my head? WHERE IS IT?!

On top of the Shield caches, you will also have a free Reactivation Cache waiting for you at the Rewards Claim Vendor in the Base of Operations. While the gear may be under your gear score, you may want to pick up the Currency Cache for more Division Tech and Cypher Keys.

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