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Serious Sam 4 gameplay video showcases new weapons and enemy types

Published: 10:12, 22 May 2020
serious sam 4 screenshot showing a large open field jam-packed with enemies
Croteam promise "hundreds of thousands" of enemies on screen

Croteam have released a development video in which they shared a lot of new details about their shooter Serious Sam 4. The video reveals a ton of new enemy designs as well as some of the weapons that players will use to take down these monstrosities.

Earlier this week, Croteam officially announced Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass, the fourth major instalment in the popular shooter franchise. As expected, the game will aim to bring the ultimate carnage with a lot of new features and additions.

In the latest development gameplay update video, which you can watch above, Croteam have shared new details about these additions and also showcased new enemy types, weapons and a lot more. 

The developers promise new battle scenarios and claim that Serious Sam 4 will not be an easy game. Since the predecessor had a slow start, the aim with the fourth instalment is to go berserk from the get to with as much action and carnage as possible.

On top of this, devs talked about new enemy types which will become essential for future Serious Sam games. You can check out one of these monstrosities in the screenshot below.

Croteam serious sam 4 screenshot showing a demon Cyberdemon, is that you?

Last but definitely not least, Legion System will allow Croteam to have "thousands and thousands and hundreds of thousands of enemies on the screen". The system is developed specifically for Serious Sam 4, which will have certain levels that will be populated with a huge number of enemies. The devs originally hoped to show around 10.000 enemies on the screen but the system allows for "many more".

You can check out Croteam's video in above for more gameplay details. Serious Sam 4 is launching August 2020 for PC and Google Stadia.

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