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Sea of Thieves is optimized to near perfection while retaining the eye candy elements

Published: 23:06, 13 February 2018
Sea of Thieves logo with ships and game characters in the background
Sea of Thieves

Rare are putting their backs into Sea of Thieves optimization as the system requirements for PC are well below the current standards. It can run on GPUs from 2013. No kidding.

Sea of Thieves is a positive refreshment when it comes to PC system requirements, it looks beautiful and weaker systems can still run it which makes for a rather unique combo these days. Rare also catered to just about all PC owners, from owners of low end chuggers to the pinnacles of master race who want to run the game in 4k at 60FPS.

You can check the exact number of wired potatoes needed to run the game on the picture below.

Rare System requirement sheet for Sea of Thieves on PC. Sea of Thieves PC specs

Rare stated on their web site that their ''rendering team set themselves the goal early on of ‘how low can we go,’ sometimes also referred to fondly as ‘getting the game running on a potato,’ which is why we want to deliver a great version of the game even for those with computers below our official minimum spec.''

How low can it go you might ask. Well, ''The game is perfectly playable at 540p, and one of the advantages of Xbox Play Anywhere is that if you own an Xbox One AND a low-spec laptop you can still take full advantage of it, and we absolutely encourage it! Of course if you have a beast of a rig running at 4k/60, we’ve got you covered with the best looking #GreatWater, and everything in between!''

Rare A broken wooden dinghy on a sandy beach in Sea of Thieves Sea of Thieves

Rare thanked the community and their partners for their contributions in getting their first PC title to a launch-ready state, mentioning tens of thousands of players who participated in their Technical Alpha programme and whose feedback helped develop Rare-certified spec detection tool that will automatically optimise the game based on your hardware. 

The game will fire up its cannons on 20 March 2018, in case you're feeling the call of the sea.

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