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Sea of Thieves Season Five brings its own fireworks and treasure maps

Published: 18:21, 02 December 2021
Sea of Thieves Season FIve
Sea of Thieves Season FIve

X marks the spot. Sea of Thieves players can look forward to burying their treasure and sharing maps amongst themselves for a tempting reward. Season Five also brings fireworks and Signal Flares to use in case of an emergency.

Sea of Thieves' Feast of Bounty event is done and now it's time to ring in Season Five, complete with Seasonal rewards, Events and a bunch of quality of life improvements. The new season also comes with pirate pyrotechnics and one long-requested feature: burying treasure.

Sea of Thieves Season Five is now available.

Sea of Thieves Season Five details

The current season will take inspiration from those who came before and offer 100 levels of rewards Sea of Thieves players can earn for free. This is done by raising one's Renown doing what Sea of Thieves players do best: sailing the high seas and undertaking the rotating Trials and Deeds. Season Five also has a premium component that grants access to additional exclusive booty.

Quest for Treasure

Nearly four years after release, Sea of Thieves is getting the option to bury the treasure: a welcome departure from always digging up others' spoils. The new burying mechanic will allow the marauders to bury almost any item and, in true pirate fashion, make a map that leads back to it. Twenty paces north, six and a half paces west and here we go, X marks the spot.

The maps made in this fashion can be kept to easier find one's treasure when the luck turns on you but they can always be posted on the new Quest Board at the nearest Outpost and challenge other crews to seek it out. Pirates are incentivised to share their treasure because you get a bunch of Renown if your map leads another crew to your plunder.


Season Five is starting off with a literal bang and the addition of fireworks that come in a rainbow of different colours and designs. The pretty stuff that goes boom boom can be found in barrels peppered around Sea of Thieves or straight up purchased in themed Firework Crates from the Merchant Alliance. 

The new Signal Flares may prove very useful if you find yourself in a pickle and there's another crew passing by.

Fireworks, as well as Signal Flares, can be fired from cannons, even from the prow of the Cannon Rowboat. The rowboat is a new mini-craft for pirates with a taste for destruction.

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