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Sea of Thieves' Haunted Shores update brings some supernatural spoils

Published: 18:25, 17 June 2020
Sea of Thieves - Haunted Shores trailer screenshot
Sea of Thieves - Haunted Shores

Sea of Thieves' newest monthly content update titled Haunted Shores will bring a new enemy to the mix. The new Ghost Ships are led by Burning Blade and will drop some out-of-this-world plunder.

Haunted Shores is the most recent Sea of Thieves monthly update. The update will go live on June 17 and be free for all players who own the game across Xbox One, Windows 10, Xbox Game Pass and Steam .

The Haunted Shores update will bring an all-new enemy type, Ghost Ships, that will appear in fleets and wield spectral weapons which will provide some new challenges for players.

The Ghost Ships are led by led by Captain Flameheart’s very own Burning Blade flagship in a new event that continues his story. This will also be a fresh way for players to improve their standing with the Order of Souls. 

The Order of Souls will offer a new Voyage type for pirates who wish to seek out and sink Ghost Ships. Alongside the usual Skeleton Bounties,  gold and reputation rewards will be on offer as well. 

While defeating the ghostly sailors is reward enough, the Captains of these ships will leave behind their spectral skulls which can be brought back to the Order for additional compensation. 

Ghost Ship Bounty Voyages will be available from Order of Souls rank 25 onwards, but anyone can obtain one from Duke.

Crushing the Burning Blade in battle will leave some additional pirate's booty in the form of ethereal armaments. You can scour the seas after the battle and look for Phantom Cannonballs, Flame Phantom Cannonballs and Wraith Cannonballs. 

The ghost fleet clashes may also leave rare Damned treasures floating in their wake.

For more details, check out Sea of Thieves' official announcement .

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