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Sea of Thieves content update Dark Relics adds three new voyages

Published: 11:30, 15 August 2019
Sea of Thieves

Rare are brining another content update for their swashbuckling adventure Sea of Thieves. Named Dark Relics, the update is bringing three new voyages, commendations and rewards. There's also weapon balancing and general improvements.

After a successful monthly content update for Sea of Thieves named Black Powder Stashes, the developer Rare are looking to continue with quality content additions with their next update dubbed Dark Relics. 

Just like last month, Rare once again shared a video to showcase exactly what the update brings to their swashbuckling adventure. Along with new objectives to complete and cosmetics to earn, players can also look forward to a ton of quality of life improvements in Arena matchmaking and hit detection. 

The Order found themselves in a bit of a mess as skeleton crews are raiding and stealing powerful artefacts known as Dark Relics. Visit Duke to find three new voyages that will send you on a search for Dark Relics. As always, you will be rewarded handsomely for your bravery, just keep in mind that All Dark Relic Voyages are time-limited for the duration of the Dark Relics update.

Players are also getting Dark Relic Athena's Fortune Voyage in which Pirate Legends are tasked with a Voyage to head into The Devil’s Roar to collect more of these artefacts. Costing 10 Doubloons, these Athena Voyages yield more Dark Relics than a regular Voyage. This one is also a time-limited event.

A range of Mercenary Commendations are also available to unlock for hunting down these dangerous artefacts. You can earn Doubloons, unlock the new Relic Hunter and Relic Collector Titles and purchase the Mercenary Cannon, Mercenary Wheel and Mercenary Capstan ship cosmetics for taking part in the search.

Rare didn't forget about new Reaper Chests either. Find the chests, take care of the all rival crews on the seas and return to Duke to earn some sweet Doubloons. Following the Dark Relics update, the Reaper’s Chest and Doubloon rewards will persist as an emergent encounter in the world along with a way to earn Doubloons regularly.

Once you return the chests to Duke, you'll unlock a range of Mercenary Commendations and Doubloon rewards along with the new Death Defier Title.

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