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Scorn will take "six to eight hours, possibly more" to beat, devs confirm

Published: 08:14, 23 September 2022
Ebb Software
Scorn artwork
Scorn won't be an overly long game. Ebb Software say you will be able to beat it in six to eight hours, possible even more depending on your playstyle

Highly-anticipated Xbox Series X|S console exclusive Scorn won't be an overly long game, developer Ebb Software confirm. It all depends on your playstyle and puzzle-solving talent. 

Scorn developer Ebb Software recently hosted a Reddit AMA over at the Xbox subreddit, where they provided some interesting details about their upcoming grotesque horror/puzzle adventure, which is coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC via Game Pass next month.

One of the questions that curious Redditors asked was regarding the game's length. FilthyScavenger wanted to know how much playtime players can expect from Scorn. Ebb Software replied, "Six to eight hours, possibly more, depending on the playstyle". 

They also added that by watching people play the preview build, it's clear that it could take much longer to complete Scorn. "...the gameplay that we were watching yesterday showed that it could be much more depending on how much players will be willing to explore the world," they said.

While this is certainly not that long for games in 2022, we're more than happy to see shorter games from time to time. Not every game has to be 20+ hours long and to be honest, most of them should be shorter.

For a very unique horror/puzzle game that is Scorn, we feel that eight hours is more than enough. I mean, who wants to look at all those monstrosities and keep sticking fingers into disgusting holes for more than eight hours?  

Speaking about the fingers and holes, the devs also talked about the sound design in Scorn, as one Redditor was curious about how Scorn sound designers made the sound of "the scorn guy sticking his fingers into those holes".

Ebb Software replied that no one probably wants to know the answer to that question given that their sound designers record stuff in the most peculiar ways.

Ebb Software H.I. Giger-inspired Architecture in Scorn Scorn - Six to eight hours of playtime is more than enough for a game with such a grotesque setting

If you're curious about other answers, you can check out the Reddit post here.

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