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Horror Xbox exclusive Scorn still on track to release this year

Published: 15:50, 30 May 2022
Ebb Software
Picture of a weird thing that looks like a sarcophagus in Scorn

Scorn team EBB Software have shared another development update for their upcoming horror title, where they confirmed that the game is still on track to release this year.

Scorn is finally set to release in October this year, Serbian developer EBB Software reiterated in their latest development update post. Scorn was originally announced back in 2020 but since then, the game was delayed two times. 

Some horror fans were concerned that Scorn could be pushed into 2023 since the developer have been pretty quiet lately but EBB Software have confirmed that despite the silence, they are still on track to launch in October on Xbox and PC.

"We've been asked a lot this month if we're still on track for our October launch, and we are! The teams are working hard to ensure we stay on track," they said in the post on Steam. 

EBB added that 3D artists have been working hard over the last month and aim to have their work completed by June. The animation and VFX is currently the biggest focus for the developer.

"Over the last month, our 3D team has finalised creating all of the remaining static meshes, so production is progressing well. They aim to have everything completed in June. Animation and VFX are currently our biggest focus, and the teams are busy ironing out bugs and finalising everything."

Ebb Software Scorn Scorn

For those who were hoping to see Scorn at the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase, EBB said they will have more to show soon. Whether that means they will be present at the showcase on June 12 or sometime later, it's not exactly clear now.

Scorn is a console exclusive for Xbox Series X|S so it certainly would not be surprising to see this horror at Microsoft's event. In addition to Xbox, Scorn will also launch on PC. 

Gallery of screenshots and concept art for Scorn by Ebb Software

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM

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