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Highly anticipating Xbox RPG won't launch before 2025

Published: 14:47, 31 August 2022
Greg Rutkowski/ArtStation
IOI's Project Dragon is in early development and could be an Xbox exclusive according to rumours
IOI's Project Dragon is in early development and could be an Xbox exclusive according to rumours

IO Interactive's Project Dragon, which is being developed in partnership with Xbox, probably won't be launching before March 2025, according to the studio's latest financial report.

IO Interactive today published their financial results for 2021/22 where they also mentioned a couple of interesting tidbits about their upcoming games - the James Bond game codenamed Project 007 and the fantasy RPG codenamed Project Dragon.

Hitman developer said that their profits forecast for the next two financial years will be significantly down, due to the long development process of their upcoming games. 

"There's a risk the next couple of calendar years, the profits will drop. This is due to the long production phases ahead, before the next releases hit the market. More precisely, fiscal 24 and 25 estimates show a significant decrease," IO Interactive say in the report.

This pretty much confirms that both the James Bond game and Project Dragon are still years away and won't be launching anytime soon. 

To be fair, this won't surprise many since both projects are highly ambitious, especially Project Dragon, which is rumoured to be developed in partnership with Xbox .

IOI Hitman 3 - Ray Tracing in action Io Interactive also work on a post-launch support for Hitman 3

Project Dragon is reportedly a connected-world RPG set in a new universe that is been developed by newly formed IO Interactive Barcelona. 

It's currently very early in development so details are pretty scarce but we know it's a third-person online RPG with dragons. Apparently, it's a highly ambitious title so fingers crossed IO Interactive manage to pull it off. 


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