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Rumour: Stalker 2 may not release until 2024-2025 [UPDATE]

Published: 13:48, 22 September 2022
Updated: 16:14, 22 September 2022
GSC Game World
stalker concept art
GSC Game World set the release date for December 2023 but the game could end up releasing even later

Stalker 2 is reportedly being delayed to 2024-2025 according to the latest reports from a Russian insider. Allegedly, GSC Game World still don't have a working demo of the game. 

Update: GSC Game World have responded to our email, confirming that the information provided by Kazunov is false. GSC say they don't usually comment on rumours but due to the absurd nature of this claim, they are making an exception. The developer said the game is not delayed and the release date is still 2023, just as they announced at Microsoft's Extended E3 show.

Original story: Following the Stalker 2 pre-orders refund by Microsoft earlier this month, a new report states that GSC Game World's highly-anticipated shooter will definitely not release in 2023 and it's unlikely that the game will be released by 2024 or 2025. 

The information comes from Vitaly Kazunov of Russian gaming outlet iXBT Games (via Reddit ). In addition to the claims about the delay, Kazunov has revealed a bunch of other details regarding the development of Stalker 2. 

Allegedly, GSC Game World still don't have a working demo of the game and the entire project is in the stage of permanent repair. The unconfirmed report also claims that many employees who worked on Stalker 2 left the company about six months ago. 

We suggest you definitely take everything with a grain of salt since it's coming from a pretty unknown source in the games industry. Just take it as an unverified rumour at this point and nothing more.

GSC Game World have not officially commented on the matter but it does look like one developer reassured fans on Discord that the game is still coming in 2023. We have reached out to GSC Game World for a comment and will update the story accordingly if the developer decide to offer a statement. 

GSC Game World Stalker 2 Stalker 2 is being built on Unreal Engine 5 and it already looks incredible

Stalker 2 is currently scheduled to launch in 2023 according to the official information from the developer. The game's Steam page also mentions December 2023 as the target release window. Stalker 2 is definitely not releasing soon but we doubt anyone will be concerned about the delays given what's happening in GSC Game World's home country Ukraine.

The lives and well-being of the dev team are certainly much more important matters at the moment, even if that means Stalker 2 does not release for a couple of more years.


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