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Samurai Shodown rollback netcode is coming in 2023

Published: 00:34, 07 August 2022
Samurai Shodown - Charlotte in action
Samurai Shodown - Charlotte in action

SNK announced that Samurai Shodown is getting a long-awaited feature that should make the game more enjoyable for literally every player that delves into online matches.

Samurai Shodown rode a pretty high hype wave back when it was released but it died down over time largely due to the lack of rollback netcode for the online matches. As a result, the matches often suffered desynchronisation which made all parties involved miserable.

The fans have been asking for rollback netcode ever since and now it's finally close to being implemented. The good news was relayed during EVO 2022 when the feature was revealed to be coming during the spring of 2023.

Rollback netcode will be implemented for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC for both Steam and Epic Games Store. Since the game wasn't re-released for PS5, the platform is missing from the list but since PS4 is getting rollback, there is nothing preventing the players from enjoying online matches with the new netcode.

The planned netcode integration is based on the solution used for King of Fighters XV so it's not like SNK are treading into unknown territory here. Still, large projects like this are not to be taken lightly and it's possible a few kinks will need ironing out. 

SNK will be partnering up with Code Mystics for the netcode integration.

SNK Corporation Samurai Shodown - Baiken Samurai Shodown - Baiken

Unfortunately, this is not the end of troubles for PC players. While the update will most likely bring some players back to give SamSho another try, the player base is still minuscule and without crossplay, the platform is unlikely to get proper going again.

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