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King of Fighters XV trailer showcases Iori Yagami

Published: 04:50, 04 February 2021
King of Fighters XV - Iori Yagami
King of Fighters XV - Iori Yagami

SNK Corporation revealed Iori Yagami gameplay in a King of Fighters XV trailer, showcasing the return of one of the series' central characters.

Iori is one of the longest-running characters in KOF series as his initial appearance was in King of Fighters '95. The initial enemy of Kyo Kusanagi later became the rival but his history spans much further back before Kyo.

Yagami is the last descendant of the clan of the same name which is also linked to the Three Sacred Treasures. This clan is also in charge of keeping the seal of Orochi's prison intact and have been the ones that imprisoned the entity 1,800 years ago.

While that history spans almost two millennia, the rivalry between Yagami and Kusanagi clans has been around for about 660 years so there wasn't much doubt which way the meeting of Kyo and Iori go.

Iori's iconic sharp claws and purple flames are coming back, as one might expect, and his combat is quite stylish. That has been the case for a while now but this is where the expected things come to a halt.

It is quite unusual that the character was presented without a mention about his team. Currently, it's unclear whether he will team up with some of the characters he fought together with in previous games or if he will form a new one.

Chances are that SNK are just keeping his affiliation under wraps so it doesn't take away from the future reveals though.

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