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SNK adds roadmap for KOF XV fighters, announces crossplay release window

Published: 08:17, 08 August 2022
King of Fighters XV - Haohmaru from Samurai Shodown
King of Fighters XV - Haohmaru from Samurai Shodown

SNK added a pile of information for King of Fighters XV, which is now quickly becoming a mashup of the corporation's greatest hits.

EVO 2022 was a great well of information for fighting games and SNK didn't miss the chance to promote their own. The King of Fighters XV is the contemporary title for the company so it got the biggest spotlight, with a slew of announcements of new characters, as well as an ETA for crossplay.

Just like before, KOF XV will add some characters solo while others will be part of a team, and as such, available through various passes on top of the regular route. 

The first group is the Team Awakened Orochi, which is releasing on August 8, 2022, and it includes:

  • Orochi Yashiro
  • Orochi Shermie
  • Orochi Chris

Acquiring them through the pass will apparently include an extra costume for each of the characters.

Following the release of Team Awakened Orochi, KOF XV will line up Team Samurai for autumn 2022, which will consist of:

  • Haohmaru
  • Naokoruru
  • Darli Dagger

Besides the two teams, there will be standalone characters who will arrive as DLC in the next season. Shingo Yabuki and Kim Kaphwan are old KOF characters that are reappearing soon, with the latter having appeared in Fatal Fury series as well.

On top of the new characters, SNK also announced they will add crossplay in 2023 so the player base will technically never dwindle to the point of no return as people from PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms will all have someone to play with.

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