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Chizuru Kagura revealed for KOF XV and Samurai Shodown

Published: 06:54, 23 February 2021
The King of Fighters XV - Chizuru Kagura
The King of Fighters XV - Chizuru Kagura

SNK revealed Chizuru Kagura, a King of Fighters classic character, as the newest one to join the roster and unify the three clans that keep watch over certain artefacts.

KOF XV roster will include Chizuru Kagura, who was one of the main characters in the previous games a well since she is a member of one of the three clans that keep pieces of an artefact that keeps Orochi at bay. 

The Yata clan's fighting technique is soft and graceful which is reflected in Chizuru's moves which also include her hallmark afterimage techniques.  She will be a part of Team Sacred Treasures which sounds cheesy without context but it does have some reason to be called that way.

You know the artefact pieces we mentioned before? They are parts of a seal that keep Orochi away and they are kept safe by three different clans. Kusanagi Clan inherited cleansing flames that Kyo wields as powers and the same goes for the Yagami clan, which has Iori as its poster boy. 

These two tend to clash often since the Yagami clan made a deal with Orochi hundreds of years ago, which is the source of animosity with the Kusanagi clan. Still, Yagami decided to uphold his duty to keep the treasure safe and when tensions do flare up, Chizuru tends to jump in to smooth things over between the clans.

This appears to be the case with KOF XV as well since these three characters are making up Team Sacred Treasures as they find out that Orochi's seal is weakening and are attempting to find out what is going on.

Chizuru will also be joining Samurai Shodown as a DLC character, part of Season Pass 3.

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