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Rumours about Anthem being delayed to next-gen consoles are false

Published: 23:28, 19 November 2018
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Rumours about another Anthem delay have been circulating lately and normally they wouldn't be of much interest, but the same leaker guessed Sony's actions correctly so people thought they would have merit. Anthem's producer would disagree.

Sony have recently announced they wouldn't attend E3 2019 and raised a ton of discussion on the possible implications, but the announcement was initially by a Redditor named RuthenicCookie. The same person now claims that Anthem will be pushed back, and will not be released until next gen consoles come.

According to RuthenicCookie, the game "is a mess on this-gen consoles" adding that it will get delayed again. While it's possible that PlayStation 5 devkit is available at the moment, there is no official statement nor indication that Anthem will wait for PS5 and the next Xbox.

On top of that, Ben Irving, the lead producer of Anthem stepped in and debunked any theories about a delay, putting an end to Cookie's rumour mill. This happened on Anthem's official Discord server apparently, and one fan caught a screenshot of Irving's statement.

He was apparently asked whether Anthem would be delayed again, which he by saying "That's not a thing". This seems to point at Cookie having connections inside or working directly for Sony, which would let the person have access to correct data regarding PlayStation's future, which doesn't necessarily translate into knowledge about Anthem.

It could still mean Anthem is running poorly on current-gen consoles, since they are already being pushed to the maximum, with several players reporting issues when trying to run latest titles, such as Red Dead Redemption 2. Fallout 76 is another story altogether, with frame rates dropping to a crawl, but then again, Bethesda is partially to blame for poor optimisation.

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Whatever seems to be the case, Anthem is looking good for 22 February 2019 release so far, which should put it into a bit of an advantage over its direct competitor, The Division 2 which is coming on 15 March 2019. This will be a looter shooter face-off, with probably Anthem having an edge due to the painful memories of broken promises and rocky launch of the first Division. Then again, BioWare lately either.


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