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Rrogue Company gets Dr DisRespect skins and map

Published: 05:42, 15 October 2020
Hi-Rez Studios
Rogue Company - The Arena
Rogue Company - The Arena

Hi-Rez Studio pushed a Rogue Company out, bringing along a new map, called The Arena and inspired by Dr DisRespect along with player and weapon skins.

Dr DisRespect's fame reaches far and wide. He has had to pause the streaming for extended periods of time several times and the returning fan base is a testimony to his influence. The latest update to  Rogue Company also speaks volumes of this.

Both the devs and the streamer himself initially teased a new map would come along and it would be designed by him but there was no release date in sight. Well, the day has come and it's all here now.

The Arena is all in red and black, the Doc's signature colours, and puts his accomplishments on display, both real and fictional. These include the two back to back Blockbuster championships and the streamer awards, like the one from Geoff Keighley's The Game Awards for example. Furthermore, there even a studio that resembles the on Dr Disrespect streams from.

While it's full of references, it's really the player skin that takes the cake. It is applied on Dallas, looks exactly like Doc head to toe, and is voiced by Guy Beahm himself. The skin even has a flip phone so instead of Dallas snapping his finger when using the ability, he claps the phone instead.

Unfortunately, the codes from the initial stream have expired by now but keep an eye out for more code drops by Doc if you are looking to get it.

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