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Resident Evil Village art director reveals Lady Dimitrescu's height

Published: 02:29, 02 February 2021
Resident Evil Village, Lady Dimitrescu
Resident Evil Village, Lady Dimitrescu

Internet's fascination with Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village promo material and demo didn't go unnoticed and the game's art director sent the fans a letter, including a rather interesting piece of information.

Alcina Dimitrescu appears in both promotional material for Resident Evil Village as well as the playable demo where we get to know a bit more about her powers and possibly the background. 

Compared to the protagonist of the demo, Lady Dimitrescu seemed like a hulking individual but everyone on the internet seemed to have been taken away by another measurement pertaining to the vampire matriarch. 

Regardless, RE: Village art director, Tomonori Takano, took an opportunity to speak with the fans via a letter that can be found on Twitter where he thanked everyone for the outpouring positivity regarding the material.

He continued to mention that the popularity Alcina and her daughters received far outweighed what the developers expected, which is a rather pleasant surprise for the team. Takano acknowledged that Alcina received more attention than the daughters and quipped about her height, which did seem to catch at least some attention.

As it turns out, Alcina Dimitrescu is 2.9 metres (~9'6'') tall, if you count her high heels and the hat as well. Her size has to be considerably high even without those particular clothing elements and it's likely she is over 2.4 metres (~7'10'') although this was not officially confirmed.

Whatever her exact height is, we are sure the internet's infatuation will continue, especially for the fans of death by snu snu.

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