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Resident Evil 7 was released six years ago on this day

Published: 19:50, 24 January 2023
Resident Evil 7 was released on this day, six years ago
Resident Evil 7 was released on this day, six years ago

Resident Evil 7 was released six years ago, signalling a reboot for this iconic horror franchise.

Six years ago today, we got the opportunity to witness the transformation that occurred in the Resident Evil franchise. Capcom took a risk, and it paid off handsomely. As a fitting conclusion, we received the first Resident Evil game to be played in first person, and one that restored the franchise to its origins of tense survival horror rather than spectacular third-person action shooter.

Resident Evil 7 was unlike its predecessors in many aspects. While previous games in this iconic horror survival franchise were set in places all around the world, Resident Evil 7 was set in a single location, the Baker estate in Dulvey, Louisiana. Aside from the new setting, new characters were also introduced. The main protagonist, Ethan Winters, and his wife, Mia, were both excellent characters, but the Bakers stole the show. Jack, Margarette, and Lucas were probably the best-written characters in the whole franchise, and the boss fights with them were spectacular.

Resident Evil 7 was also the first game in the series with a story written by a non-Japanese writer, Richard Pearsey, who previously wrote the story for Spec Ops: The Line , a highly-rated game due to the complex story and the consequences of the game's protagonist's decisions.

We fought for the first time with different enemies, the so-called Molded, in Resident Evil 7. The introduction of the Mold served as the backbone of the story, which was continued later in Resident Evil Village.

With all of the new features we've received in Resident Evil 7, it's reasonable to say that this game was a turning point and a rebirth of the franchise, which had been lost for a long time.

Polygon Resident Evil 7 was a true reboot of the serial Resident Evil 7 was a true reboot of the serial

It is important to note that Resident Evil 7 later received support for VR, exclusively for the PlayStation 4 . The VR version of the game was very well received by players and critics. Resident Evil 7 received two story DLCs: Not a Hero and End of Zoe. This survival horror was a huge success for Capcom, and it is presently the best-selling individual Resident Evil game, with 11.7 million copies sold.


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