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Massive Resident Evil 8: Village FPS drops happen because of DRM

Published: 14:06, 10 July 2021
Resident Evil Village - Alcina Dimitrescu
Resident Evil Village - Alcina Dimitrescu

Capcom did many things right with Resident Evil 8: Village but the DRM implementation wasn't one of them as they caused massive frame rate drops in the game.

Resident Evil 8: Village captured many fans' hearts and 95 percentile positive reviews on Steam speak for themselves. Nothing in this wide world is perfect though and this particular game's Achilles Heel proved to be the same one many other games have - the DRM implementation.

In the case of Village, the DRM turned out to be so bad that the frame rate in some sections of the game would become a glorified slideshow. For example, the encounters with Lady Dimitrescu's daughters would often make stop motion look like the perfect example of fluidity.

So how do we know it's explicitly DRM and not some other issue? The game's recent crack revealed as much. As it turns out, the pirates had a much better experience because their frame rates would be much more stable, which was most noticeable with the aforementioned daughters. Don't take just our word for it though, people are already documenting it with videos, like the one that you can check out below.

This incident has once again proven that the paying customers are actually the ones that suffer from DRM consequences the most. 

If this state of the gaming industry seems depressive for you, we hope these DRM GIFs will cheer you up. We dug them out from a  legendary Reddit thread :

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