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Razer are reportedly developing handheld console with 120Hz HDR OLED screen

Published: 07:33, 01 December 2021
Razer already released handheld console named Junglecat
Razer already released handheld console named Junglecat

Early slides show a developer kit of the new handheld, which Razer are developing in collaboration with Qualcomm. The device seems to be advertised for game streaming with Xbox Cloud Gaming support.

Qualcomm and Razer are reportedly working together on a brand new handheld gaming console device. According to  the early slides , the console is advertised as a game streaming device among other things.

It includes support for Xbox Cloud Gaming, streaming from the local console and PC.

Major details about the new handheld from Razer and Qualcomm:

  • 120Hz HDR OLED display
  • Large 6000 mAh battery 
  • Snapdragon G3x processor
  • 4th Gen Adreno GPU
  • 5G network support
  • USB-C and DisplayPort 
  • 1080p webcam

Expected performance

As for the performance gains over the last generation, Qualcomm estimate 30 per cent higher GPU performance and 25 per cent power saving from the new architecture. 

Additionally, games with Vulkan support can run up to 60 per cent faster when compared to the last-gen device. 

Videocardz Developer kit of the new handheld device from Qualcomm and Razer Developer kit of the new handheld device from Qualcomm and Razer

Since the image above represents a dev kit, some changes to the design are a safe bet. We have to say that we don't really like the curved design, which makes the display feel out of place on the device.

However, as we already mentioned, this is just a kit for developers and we don't have any doubts that Razer and Qualcomm will do a fine job design-wise.

The new handheld console is yet to be officially announced, so definitely take the details with a grain of salt.

You can check out the promo slides in the VideoCardz report. 

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