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Razer are introducing their own digital distribution to rival Steam

Published: 19:59, 05 April 2018
Razer Game Store website
Razer Game Store

Valve will be getting some much needed competition. Razer are bringing their A-game with the Game Store to serve as a digital games distributor. The store is available worldwide today, and hopefully Steam will start taking things seriously.

The popular hardware manufacturing company is bringing their Game Store online. The store will be a digital distribution website, much like Steam. Steam is currently the #1 worldwide games distributor, but their recent actions and decisions have been questionable. 

Every purchase made with the platform will award buyers with zSilver which will be used to discount Razer products. As if Razer is a tiny company that needs more funding in order to keep it's platforms alive. They stand as a direct competitor to Steam and GoG, which also provide keys for games with discounts upon purchase.

Valve Valve's Steam Platform Valve's Steam Platform

Valve has recently hit a bump in the sense of them releasing and greenlighting questionable games on the Steam platform. The Internet was buzzing about this recently and people were making constant jokes about Steam's offers and release choices.

Thankfully, each Steam game has a game reviews tab in which buyers and players will rate the games so people previewing the games they are interested in can see the audience's thoughts about them. It does not look like Razer is offering this option, which could be justified with them being simply a distributor, and not a game platform like Steam.

Razer is best known for their hardware peripherals and work with some of the world's top hardware companies to bring players the best equipment, even if it may be overpriced. 

Razer Razer logo Razer Game Store - Perhaps they should stick to making hardware?

Their Game Store looks and feels more like a grey-market site like G2A or Kinguin, but at least Razer offers guarantees that the proceeds go to the respective developers and publishers of the games that they are themselves offering. 

The final question remains. Is there a reason to use the Razer Game Store? Well if you're a fan of Razer go and check it out, as they should have plenty of discounts available after purchasing a game.

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